How much do you know about pay roll outsourcing?

How much do you know about pay roll outsourcing?

Many companies say they are in favor of outsourcing payroll. But why does the company have an interest in outsourcing this activity? Is the reduction of costs still at the rendezvous? What are the key success factors for such a project? Click here for FMCG jobs hongkong.


Why we need to outsource payroll?

This activity is complex and brings little added value. It uses sophisticated skills and requires absolute rigor to edit pay slips, pay salaries and provide administrative documents to social agencies in a timely manner.

To rely on expert companies or on the services of its accountant, allows you to offload and perform these tasks at the best cost.

Several studies have shown that it is generally the larger companies that use this solution the most. Visit this site for payroll outsourcing services hongkong.

Benefits of Outsourcing Pay

– To avoid hiring a person for this function and therefore not to increase the fixed costs of the company’s personnel

– Do not have to continually train the service to changes in social law and remain compliant with the law

– Rely on proven expertise: less risk of error, a controlled process

– No software to manage

– Time freed to focus on value-added activities

The disadvantages of outsourcing payroll management

– The situation of dependence a provider. It is not easy to change supplier.

– Loss of social and legal skills internally

To control the service rendered, it is essential to precisely define the terms of the contract between the two parties.

 What gains/savings brought by outsourcing?

When the pay is processed internally, the cost is between 23 and 43 euros per employee. Outsourcing amounts to melting this cost since it is then between 12 and 25 euros.